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Our Story

​Our story begins in 2012, when Zach first began home brewing, inspired by his friend, Morgan.

In 2020, Zach began creating his own recipes with an all-grain system. 

The decision to create a business was an eventual one. Zach and Penny visit every brewery that they can, more than 250 in Minnesota alone, and love to speak with the owners and brewers. Their inspiration especially helped spark the decision.


Fish Dream Brewing stands in homage to all of the breweries, especially those in Minnesota, which came before us, inspired us, and supported us along the way. We stand for quality; quality in our beer, our food, our service, and in the experiences we provide for our employees and our customers!

Why Fish Dream?

​Zach had a random thought, wondering what fish dream about.  He found that fish do dream!  And having a fish in your dream means success, luck, something that you really want will happen, etc.  


Zach is a professional software developer.  In his free time, he likes to brew beer, drink beer, visit breweries, hunt, fish, ride his bicycle, and ride his motorcycle.

Zach has been to over 250 Minnesota breweries!

Check out @zachsniffsbeer!



Penny is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. 

Penny has been to over 250 Minnesota breweries!

Check out @pennyforyourpints!

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